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Physiotherapy across the ages

A helping hand towards optimal health

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our paediatric therapists are trained to provide care to children from newborns to adolescents with tailored therapy plans unique to the needs of your child. 

Deaf Community Friendly

Therapist available who is Auslan proficient

Key sign and Makaton are both based on Auslan

Musculoskeletal Optimisation 

Improving general well-being, reducing aches and pains, improving posture, and assisting in reducing the impacts of chronic conditions.


Brain training for brain function optimisation with NeurOptimal

Home Visits Available

Servicing the Townsville Region

Private Health Claiming on Site

Instant processing of private health claims where eligible

NDIS Plan Managed and self Managed Clients welcomed

Who are we

We are a unique, family-owned physiotherapy service based in Townsville. Our distinctive approach is to provide high-quality, client-centered holistic care that prioritises the needs of you and your family during our therapy sessions. We stand out by considering the mind, body, and biomechanics of movement; to improve outcomes and work on the root cause of ailments. We value you as a client and want you to feel heard, listened to, and respected. We truly care about the outcomes for each and every client and strive to achieve the best results possible. We are strongly committed to improving our knowledge as a team and constantly work towards building on our services and improving results.
We work with a wide range of clients, including babies, children, and adults, for various reasons. Such as gait abnormalities, musculoskeletal complaints, reducing pain/chronic pain, foot position differences, sporting injuries/optimisation, biomechanical differences, enhancing movement patterns, sports or general injuries, heart and lung conditions, body complaints related to aging or long-term movement faults or held stressors in the body, balance and falls issues, developmental delays, physical disabilities, genetic syndromes, neurological conditions, plagiocephaly, club foot, toe-walking, pigeon toes (in-toeing), out-toeing (to name a few). We can also assist with equipment prescription to improve access and function.


Our Team

Meet our therapy team. 

Kim Dunstan

Director/ Senior Physiotherapist

Kim is the founder and principal physiotherapist of Kinder Allied Health (KAH). She started the practice as the only physiotherapist in 2019 and is now expanding her team, facilities, and services to offer optimal personalised healthcare services that cater to individual needs. After graduating, Kim began her career in musculoskeletal physiotherapy for the first four years. She then transitioned to paediatric physiotherapy, where her previous musculoskeletal experience proved extremely valuable. Over the years, Kim has continued to treat both children and adults. As a mother of two daughters herself, she understands the challenges that come with family life and takes a practical approach when dealing with families. Kim is passionate about working in the early intervention space, where she can make a significant difference in a child's development and future prospects by considering overall development and how various factors can affect it.

She also has a keen interest in mental health and understands how emotions can impact the body. She takes a holistic approach when treating her patients, considering the mind, body, and biomechanics. She introduced neurofeedback and amino neuro frequency therapy (ANF) to KAH's services to improve outcomes, particularly for clients who have not had success with other treatments. Kim has a particular focus on biomechanics, motor control, neurological and anatomical functioning, and she is committed to reducing the effects of dysfunctions in these areas.

Samantha Cervellin

Senior Physiotherapist

Samantha, otherwise known as Sam, is a senior physiotherapist with over 12 years of experience supporting children of all abilities. She has worked in education, acute hospital inpatient, and private practice settings. She has a passion for working with children to support and develop their movement and strength and improve posture to maximise their access, participation, and enjoyment in daily activities. She enjoys providing advice and exploring options for equipment prescriptions that allow children of varied needs and abilities to have access to explore their environments and participate to their fullest.
As a parent of two young children with disabilities, Sam appreciates the importance of finding the correct services and support. She believes that all children, regardless of their abilities and differences, have potential and should be given the opportunity to realise and reach their desired goals and aspirations. Sam desires to assist kids in being happy, confident, and thriving. 

Bala Ramalingam

Allied Health Assistant

Bala has trained as a physiotherapist in India, after many years of building his career and skills in India, he then relocated to Townsville and has commenced the process of getting his qualifications recognised in Australia. During this process, Bala has been working as an Allied Health Assistant with Kinder Allied Health over the past three years, where he has expanded on his skills. He is now along the journey to becoming a fully recognised physiotherapist within Australia and is working under the supervision of a senior therapist.

Bala has a special interest in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy and has completed extra training in this area whilst working in India. Bala has completed extra training since being in Australian and has continued to develop his skills and qualifications. He brings a vast amount of experience to his role and is a valued member of out team.

Gosia Patalas-Czech

Allied Health Assistant

Gosia holds a Certification IV in Allied Health Assistance with a specialization in physiotherapy. With a strong background in exercise and fitness, she has worked as a Personal Trainer and Physical Instructor in Australia and Europe for 10 years. This has given her extensive knowledge and understanding of how to train the body to improve strength and balance, and work creatively with different muscle groups.

Gosia takes pleasure in working with people of all age groups, helping them progress towards better physical wellbeing and function. Since having children, she has developed an interest in working with both children and adults. Gosia enjoys using her previous knowledge and skills to adapt exercises to the paediatric client group, as well as working with adults to improve their strength and function. She thoroughly enjoys working alongside our physiotherapy team, assisting clients in achieving their therapy goals.

Jasmyn Tessier

Administraion Assistant/ Allied Health Assistant 

Jasmyn is a physiotherapy student who is currently in her fourth year of study. As an administration officer and Allied Health Assistant, she brings in-depth knowledge and experience to her role until she graduates by the end of 2024.

Jasmyn is a valuable member of our team and is often the first point of contact. She frequently participates in therapy sessions to develop her skills as a physiotherapist. Jasmyn enjoys working with children and families, and adults providing personalised attention and service delivery.

Latest News

Watch this space for upcoming blogs, tips, advice, fun activites, and general information that can assist your child to develop and grow into the best adult they can be.  

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