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Who Are We?

Welcome to our family-owned physiotherapy service nestled in Townsville, where we redefine care. Our distinct approach revolves around delivering premium, client-centered holistic treatments that cater to your family's needs.

What sets us apart is our holistic perspective, addressing the mind, body, and biomechanics of movement to tackle the root causes of ailments and enhance outcomes.
Your voice matters—we prioritise listening, understanding, and respecting your needs.

At our core, we are driven by a genuine concern for each client's well-being, striving tirelessly to deliver optimal results. As a team, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, consistently expanding our knowledge and refining our services to ensure your journey with us exceeds expectations.

How Can We Help?

Pain Management

-Reducing pain/chronic pain
-musculoskeletal complaints
-body complaints related to aging or long-term movement faults or held stressors in the body

Medical Conditions

-Heart and lung conditions
- Musculoskeletal conditions
-Developmental delays
-Physical disabilities
-Genetic conditions & syndromes
-Neurological conditions

Walking Differences

-Gait abnormalities
-Foot position differences (including toe-walking, pigeon toes, out-toeing)
-Biomechanical differences
-Enhancing movement patterns


-Sporting injuries/optimisation
- Performance Enhancement
-General injuries
-Balance and falls issues

Unique Therapies We Offer

PediaSuit Intensive Therapy

We are excited to announce that our clinic in Townsville is now offering the PediaSuit Intensive therapy protocol, making us the first in the area to provide this service to our local community. The PediaSuit is an orthotic therapy garment designed to align the body as closely as possible to optimal posture. When worn, it helps the body normalize muscle tone and sensory and vestibular function. During this protocol, the Ability Exercise Unit allows us to target specific muscles and movements. It can isolate desired muscles, assist in building general strength, increase joint range of motion and muscle flexibility, and improve function. Research has shown that intensive therapy programs lead to improved mobility, self-care, stability, gait patterns, and overall functional improvements. Additionally, research has demonstrated a decrease in the need for caregiver assistance post-treatment.

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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy 

ANF therapy uses carbonised devices that have been charged to specific frequencies that work with the nervous system and body on a cellular level.

Specific protocols are devised depending on your unique presentation, devices can be used to speed recovery, reduce inflammation, improve range of motion, improve nerve transition to increase muscle activation, and assist with healing the body.

It works similarly to a biofeedback system, where the specific frequencies are placed on the body to allow the body to upregulate to the optimal frequencies, allowing healing and return to better functioning.

ANF is drug and chemical-free and is suitable for all ages. It offers truly amazing results, even with conditions where nothing else has worked.

ANF is TGA-registered and has been proven to significantly reduce pain and inflammation in a recent study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science. 

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Brain Training For Brain Function Optimisation With NeurOptimal

Home Visits Available

Servicing The Townsville Region

On-Site Private Health Claiming

Instant Processing Of Private Health Claims Where Eligible

NDIS Plan Managed and Self-Managed Clients


Meet Our Therapy Team

Kim Dunstan

Director/ Senior Physiotherapist

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Monisha Thandu

Senior Physiotherapist

Read Monisha's Bio

Samantha Cervellin

Senior Physiotherapist

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Bala Ramalingam

Limited Registration Physiotherapist

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Gosia Patalas-Czech

Allied Health Assistant

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Jasmyn Tessier

Administration/Allied Health Assistant 

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MaKenzie Griffin

Administration Assistant

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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our paediatric therapists are trained to provide care to children from newborns to adolescents with tailored therapy plans unique to the needs of your child. 

Deaf Community Friendly

Auslan proficient therapist available.
Both Key Word Sign and Makaton systems are derived from Auslan, enriching our ability to cater to your communication needs.

Musculoskeletal Optimisation 

Improving general well-being, reducing aches and pains, improving posture, and assisting in reducing the impacts of chronic conditions.


If you think you need our services, feel free to contact our friendly team at Kinder Allied Health.

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