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Pediasuit Intensive Therapy

What Is The PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy?

The PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy combines the use of the PediaSuit with intensive physical therapy sessions.

These sessions will be tailored to suit your child’s needs, lasting up to four hours a day, occurring approximately five times a week over a period of three to four weeks.

Sessions involve the use of the universal exercise unit, gait training, and other therapy interventions as deemed appropriate for your child.

This intensive approach results in faster progress compared to traditional therapy sessions, which are typically held once to three times per week and last half an hour to an hour.

How Does it Work?

The PediaSuit aims to align the body as closely to normal as possible, crucially restoring correct postural alignment, muscle tone, and sensory function while wearing the suit.

This provides the appropriate feedback to the brain during the exercises, enabling the child to learn the correct alignments and movement patterns through the process of neuroplasticity.

Children use the Ability Exercise Unit to isolate movements and strengthen muscle groups, enhancing strength, function, and developmental progress.

This program focuses on improving range of motion, muscle flexibility, and functional skills.

A typical day in our intensive program includes various activities such as warm-up exercises, deep tissue massage, tone reduction techniques, sensory integration, muscle strengthening, balance training, and gait correction.

Dynamic Movement Intervention and Amenio Neuro Frequency Therapy are often combined to improve results.

Who Is PediaSuit Protocal Therapy For?

PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy is beneficial for individuals with a range of neurological conditions including but not limited to:

Cerebral Palsy
Traumatic Brain Injury
Developmental Delays
Sensory Integration Disturbances
Down Syndrome
Post-stroke (CVA)

Central Nervous System Disorders
Mitochondrial Diseases
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sport Injuries
Orthopedic Patients
Vestibular Disorders
Fractures (early stages in rehabilitation)
Spina Bifida

Benefits of PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy

-Retrains the central nervous system
-Restores ontogenetic development
-Provides external stabilisation
-Normalises muscle tone and gait pattern
-Improves balance, coordination, and body awareness
-Supports weak muscles and enhances strength in strong muscles
-Improves speech production and motor skills
-Promotes bone density and decreases contractures

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