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Paediatric Physiotherapy

How Can We Help Your Child?

Physiotherapy offers tailored care to nurture your child’s development.

At Kinder Allied Health, we understand the unique needs of each child we serve. Whether it’s assisting active kids in injury prevention or managing issues related to joints, muscles, or the nervous system, we provide comprehensive support. 

Our approach extends beyond: treating acute injuries to enhancing movement patterns and addressing walking concerns. We specialise in correcting foot positioning, improving muscle tone, and fostering balance to support your child’s overall well-being.

From genetic and neurological disorders to scoliosis and autism, we’re here to guide your child through every stage of their growth and development journey.

Services We Provide For Your Child

Should you have any inquiries or wish to determine if we’re the perfect fit for your child, feel free to reach out to us. Give us a call, and one of our friendly therapists will gladly talk with you.

PediaSuit IntensiveTherapy

PediaSuit utilises an intensive therapy protocol to help improve neuroplasticity and functional abilities for individuals with neurological disorders, low muscle tone, genetic syndromes, developmental delays, traumatic brain injuries, autism, and other conditions that affect a person’s motor control and gross motor skills. For further information please see our home page.

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI)

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is a manual therapy method aimed at facilitating children in attaining postural alignment, enhancing muscle control, refining balance, achieving functional movement patterns, and reaching gross motor milestones.
By stimulating neuroplasticity and fostering new brain connections, DMI facilitates rapid and enduring improvements, enabling children to learn new skills, achieve developmental milestones, and enhance their overall quality of life.

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Developmental Assessments And Treatment

We offer assessments to evaluate your child’s current developmental motor skills.

These assessments not only identify areas that could benefit from therapy but also pinpoint strengths that can be leveraged in treatment plans to support weaker areas.

Differences in Walking Patterns

If you’re worried about your child’s walking pattern or the alignment of their knees or feet, we’re here to assist you in identifying any concerns that may require attention.

Let us help you determine if there are steps that need to be taken to support your child’s well-being.

Foot Differences

Common foot differences can arise in newborns and children.If you’re worried about the position of your infant’s or child’s foot and its potential impact on their function, please schedule an appointment with us.

We’ll conduct a thorough assessment and provide personalised treatment recommendations.

Plagiocephaly (Asymmetrical Head Shape) And Torticollis

As your baby grows during pregnancy, space in the womb becomes limited. This can result in your baby adopting a prolonged position with their head pressed against the womb.

Because infants’ skulls are malleable, this pressure can lead to flattening on the skull and tightness in the neck muscles.

Paediatric Conditions/ Genetic & Neurodevelopmental Disorders/ Global Developmental Delays

We can assist in fostering skill development while minimising secondary changes and providing ongoing monitoring of your child’s current condition as needed.

Muskuloskeletal Releases and Manual Therapy

We provide specialised paediatric manual therapy, incorporating techniques like soft tissue release, joint mobilisations, and movement analysis.

Our assessments evaluate how your child’s movement patterns affect their body, enabling us to design play-based interventions to strengthen weaker areas.

Additionally, we offer manual releases to enhance range of motion and facilitate functional movements necessary for skill acquisition.

Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Physiotherapy)

Hydrotherapy is a water-based physiotherapy method crafted to enhance movement, balance, strength, and pain management.

The aquatic environment adds an enjoyable dimension to therapy sessions, fostering motivation and goal attainment among children.

Benefits include:
-Enabling movement independence not achievable on land
-Reducing swelling and pain
-Supporting body weight for easier mobility
-Alleviating muscle spasms
-Pain management
-Boosting water confidence
-Improving fitness levels.


NeurOptimal operates by detecting shifts in brain activity, offering feedback to enhance function and boost brain efficiency.

It may aid in various areas, such as:
-Refining stress responses
-Regulating emotions
-Enhancing attention and focus
-Optimising memory and sleep patterns
-Facilitating learning of new skills
-Improving performance
-Alleviating anxiety
-Enhancing cognitive function and promoting mental clarity.
Feel free to contact our approachable team for further details.

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