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Monisha Thandu

Senior Physiotherapist

Monisha completed her bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy in Australia and then gained global experience as a physiotherapist while traveling. This opportunity allowed her to learn valuable skills and treatment methods from her colleagues and the clinical areas she worked in. Recently, Monisha returned to Australia from the UK, where she worked as a digital physiotherapist. During her time there, she developed and tested software and AI-driven physiotherapy programs. Monisha has experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy as well as paediatric physiotherapy.

Monisha has a strong interest in paediatric physiotherapy and a passion for helping children reach their full potential. She also has a special interest in learning disabilities, particularly autism, and in assisting children to participate fully in sports of their choice due to her experience in martial arts for over a decade during her early years. As a mother, Monisha has gained a unique perspective that enables her to understand the practicalities of family life. She is dedicated to providing therapy that seamlessly integrates into everyday life.

Monisha believes that for lasting change to occur, new habits must be formed, and old habits must be discouraged and broken. Therefore, she understands the need to educate and support her clients and their families to assist them in achieving their goals.

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