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Bala Ramalingam

Physiotherapist with Limited Registration

(Due to working towards full accreditation for his international degree)

Bala has trained as a physiotherapist in India, after many years of building his career and skills in India, he then relocated to Townsville and has commenced the process of getting his qualifications recognised in Australia. Bala has worked in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, orthopedic management, cardiorespiratory specialised hospital clinics and has lectured and taught in universities in India.

During this process, Bala has been working as an Allied Health Assistant with Kinder Allied Health over the past three years as an Allied Health Assistant, where he has been able to keep his hand in the medical field. He has continued to expand on his skills and knowledge. He is now along the journey to becoming a fully recognised physiotherapist within Australia and is working under the supervision of a senior therapist.

Bala has a special interest in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy and has completed extra training in this area whilst working in India. Bala has completed extra training since being in Australia and has continued to develop his skills and qualifications. He brings a vast amount of experience to his role and is a valued member of our team.

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