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ANF Therapy®: Revolutionising Physiotherapy

About ANF Therapy®

ANF Therapy® stands out with its use of over 160 specialised ANF Devices, each meticulously designed to address specific areas of concern.

This unique approach promotes enhanced body functioning, alleviates pain and inflammation, and optimises overall body function.

This revolutionary therapy method was invented by Swedish Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff, who holds a Bachelor of Medicine and a Doctorate in Biochemistry of the Nervous System. This remarkable therapy is non-invasive, free from needles, drugs, organic substances, or chemicals, and uses devices made of carbonised metal with sensitive, skin-friendly, antibacterial 3M adhesive for application.

Individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly, can benefit from ANF therapy. It helps improve body function and movement, reduce pain and inflammation, improve muscle length and biomechanics, improve posture, and assist with acute or chronic musculoskeletal presentations, disorders affecting the nervous system, and other long-term conditions.

Expected results of ANF Therapy

Many of our patients report feeling relief within 10 to 15 minutes of applying ANF Devices, with further improvements in discomfort and pain as the treatment progresses.

This was also supported by a recently published study on ANF Therapy, which included 1054 patients with pain complaints.

Immediate effects on the biomechanics of movement have been observed in our clients, including toddlers and children, assisting them with faster functional gains.

We combine this therapy method with other techniques and have found it to be advantageous in improving and accelerating treatment outcomes.

The aim of ANF Therapy is to reduce long-term inflammation and restore balance and functionality in the body, offering long-term relief and improved health and well-being.

Treatment Goals & Phases

Phase 1: Holistic Approach

During this initial phase, we focus on understanding your pain and issue, applying ANF Devices accordingly.

While some detox effects may occur, our therapists guide you through the process.

Phase 2: In-depth Focus

As treatment progresses, we target specific areas more intensively, reducing inflammation and addressing underlying issues.

Some patients may experience shifts in pain, indicating progress in addressing previously unnoticed injuries.

Phase 3: Regeneration

With pain and swelling reduced, the body begins to regenerate muscle tissues.

Our therapists provide guidance on training and maintaining progress.

Phase 4: Maintenance

As discomfort subsides and normalcy returns,  maintenance treatments are important in preventing future relapses and promote overall body balance.

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Client Story

“My son was born with club feet. From birth, he was treated using the Ponseti method through QLD health as that was what was recommended.

This experience was not something I was comfortable with so I looked elsewhere.

I was seeing a podiatrist for some time, and my son was wearing night splints; some progress was being made, and he could walk and run quite well, but his feet turning in were noticeable.

I had a friend recommend I see Kim at Kinder, so I made an appointment.

Once Kim started using the ANF devices, there were big improvements.

His left foot hardly turns in at all, and his right is so improved my neighbour even noticed.

He is not wearing any assistive devices now; he just has an appointment every fortnight, which is showing progress each time, which is pretty incredible!”

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